Eagle Bracelet Energy Style



For a lot of different cultures, the eagle is used to symbolize a pure spirit. It is a majestic animal, and can see clearer than any other bird or animal – it has eyes that are eight times sharper than human eyes. It is this clarity that is used to signify such a pure spirit. Someone might choose to wear this bracelet to allow themselves to remain focused on a vision, or to allow themselves to see the world around them clearly. It can be difficult to keep sight of what is important in life, but the eagle can serve as a reminder to see what is important in life, and to remain true in spirit. The past, present at future are all things that can benefit us, if only we choose to examine them with clear vision, in order to learn from them.

Intricate scrollwork design gives a royal touch to this cuff bracelet. Featuring a gold plated eagle head on a silver-tone bracelet that is designed for a more comfortable fit. Add this stunning piece to your collection and elevate your look with sophistication.

Materials: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 2.5cm
Weight: 20g

Package included:
1 x Pcs

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